maschine ultimate pro mk2 mapping for traktor


It´s all about performance!

get the ultimate pro mapping for traktor pro and maschine mk2 hardware

for your ultimate performance in the club or on the festival

create thousands of remix set for the price of only one

step into the future of dj´ing, be a step(sequencer) ahead



downloadable mapping file for traktor pro

(tested on traktor 3.2.19)


traktor tsi file for traktor pro  and native instruments controller editor file for maschine mk2 hardware

and the frank bash sequencer vol.1 remix set

as a zip folder

7461 midi commands

4 track control ( playback, syncing, looping, hot cues)

4 channel mixer ( volume, bass, mid, high, filter)

4 efx banks in single or group mode

16 step sequencer mode for all remix decks and slots

4 remix decks controls ( mute , volume, filter)

4 stem deck control  ( mute, volume, filter)

loop recorder for looping / sampling into a remix deck

8 specific hot cues for all decks ( cue blue, loop green, fade in / out orange, load marker yellow and with for grid)

browser (skipping tracks or favorites and load it to the selected deck)


basic track preparation ( cue points, looping)

you need a traktor pro 2.11 or traktor pro 3 license and a maschine mk2 hardware controller

infos and tutorials: